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We provide several handy options for support:

Contact Us

When in doubt, send email to support@zerenesystems.com.

We respond promptly, every email gets a personal answer from the principal software developer, and we treat all questions as opportunities to improve the product.

(Yes, those are all pretty unusual. We try to improve on the best support we've ever gotten from other people for our own problems!)

Check the FAQ

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is a list of questions and answers that turn up fairly often, especially for new users.

Check the "Known Issues" List

Known Issues is a list of unusual problems that have been reported typically 1-3 times each. They're rare, but if you run into one it can be a huge time-sink.

(You might think of this as Zerene System's own “cheat sheet” for keeping track of weird stuff.)

Check With Other Users

If you're using Zerene Stacker for macro/micro applications, then we strongly recommend to check out the user forums at http://www.photomacrography.net. Photomacrography.net is a strictly non-commercial web forum that covers all aspects of the photography of small things. “All” includes discussion of subjects, cameras, lenses, lighting, composition, post-processing, field-craft for live subjects, and so on. The discussion of focus stacking is definitely not restricted to Zerene Stacker, but many of our users and the principal developer of Zerene Stacker are active participants there. Photomacrography.net has a well-earned reputation for in-depth technical information, combined with astounding images created by world-class photographers who are happy to discuss tips, techniques, and tools from all sources.

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